CSE3033/N: Discuss critically the effect the impact that might affect society when the software fails.

TinyGrocer Express was founded last year and had some members of staff who have been there from the start. The business operates through word-of-mouth recommendations and promotes its business at farmer’s markets and food fairs across the northern region. However, the Managing Director is keen to expand the business. At present, the company handles all inquiries by telephone or in person.

To increase efficiency and their potential target market, they want a website to advertise their services and opportunities. The site would lower overheads and make it easier for the company to reach a broader potential market for its services. They currently deliver all products themselves but would like to offer nonperishable items for sale in Malaysia using a courier service.

TinyGrocer Express has decided to award the web development contract to your company, HappyPanda. TinyGrocer Express decided to contract your company on a part-time basis for the development of their new company system. The new website and computerized system for the firm will replace the old ad hoc system and include the functionalities below:

In support of local farmers, Tiny Grocer Express also sells fresh produce and delivers it to the customers. Customers can purchase items on a one-off basis, in which case they charge the standard rate per product. Alternatively, Tiny Grocer Express offers a subscription model.
Customers pay monthly for a weekly delivery box. There are several different subscription packages available:

  • Package A: RM 60 per month for the essential fruits and vegetable box for two.
  • Package B: RM 100 per month for essential fruits and vegetable table for four.
  • Package C: RM 110 per month for essential fruits, vegetables, and meat boxes for two.
  • Package D: RM 190 per month for essential fruits, vegetables,s and meat boxes for four.
  • Package E: RM 210 per month for the luxury fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and condiments for two.
  • Package F: RM 270 per month for the luxury fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and spices for four.

Task 1

Critically evaluate the development of this system when developed using the two software methodologies below, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these two methodologies in the context of developing the system, and conclude which one you would think is the most appropriate and why.
(b) Waterfall

Task 2

Discuss critically the effect the impact that might affect society when the software fails. Explain the common factors that cause software failure and equate some suitable case studies for this.

Task 3

Develop a suitable product backlog with all the necessary information. Primarily, this document should capture as many user stories and developer stories as possible for this project. Identify the weights of the user stories. Provide ONE user acceptance testing for each user story listed. Estimate how many sprints are necessary and divide the user stories according to their sprints, respectively.

Task 4

Produce a use case diagram to clarify the scope of the project. Separate the user case diagram based on the actors. Please include any assumptions you have made.