Ben are working as Mental Health - Video Case Study

Case Study

Ben was brought into the Emergency Department by the Police 3 days ago following an aggressive episode involving his girlfriend outside their house. Ben`s behaviour led to the Police believing that he was mentally unwell and a risk to himself and/or others. The police detained Ben and took him to the local health service.

Ben is 25 years old and is a qualified builder. He has a history of depression, borderline personality disorder with known suicide attempts. Ben`s depression has been ongoing since he was 21 years old and he is known to use substances since the age of 14 years. His girlfriend told police that his substance use had got "much worse" in recent months and "has started acting strangely".

On admission to the Emergency Department, Ben had a mixture of alcohol, ice and cannabis in his system and experiencing a psychotic episode.

Ben is now subject to the Mental Health Act Vic (2014) and is in the Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit. Ben has been commenced on several medications for his depression, alcohol withdrawal and psychosis. Erin is the registered nurse looking after Ben today. She notices that Ben is becoming increasingly anxious and is unsettled. Erin has worked in the Acute Unit for 2 years.

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