608 OGE Identify a management or business issue relating to the energy sector, which can be analysed using a project framework.

Research Project

Assignment Task:

- You are required to write a research project of 6,000 words analysing a strategic problem in the oil, gas or wider energy sector.

- You need to produce a research project which includes objectives, methodologies, findings, analysis and conclusion based on your research topic.

References should be included using APA 7TH edition style.

Learning Outcome 1: Identify a management or business issue relating to the energy sector, which can be analysed using a project framework.

Learning Outcome 2: Critically evaluate the importance of ethics when understanding research in a business setting.

Learning Outcome 3: Identify and justify a suitable methodology for the research which will include, for example, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods methodologies.

Learning Outcome 4: Critically review the literature related to the area of study.

Learning Outcome 5: Apply appropriate data analysis methods within the context of the research and document the findings.

Learning Outcome 6: Critically evaluate the project findings and disseminate to inform managerial practice.

You should use APA 7th edition style of referencing.Structure & Format
The cover page should state the title, student name and ID number, and the date of submission (month, year).
The following format is recommended:
• Cover Page (Project Title)
• Contents & Page numbers
• List of figures and tables (if used)
• Acknowledgements (Optional)
• Abstract (Snapshot of the research project)

You can write a conclusion or a summary for each chapter (optional). However, the main conclusion (Chapter Six) is for the whole project - compulsory - as it is an important part of the project and should more than one page. This part is your own final reflection and thoughts about the work you have done on the project and you may not need to use reference in this part.

Chapter One
1. Introduction
1.1 Background or historical background
1.2 Research Aim (define)
1.3 Research Objectives (list in bullet points)
1.3.1 sub-research questions for each objective (Optional)
1.4 Main Research Question
1.5 Hypothesis or Why This Research is Needed
1.6 References

Chapter Two (Literature Review)
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Present what other researchers found out/done related to your project (Part One)
2.3 Analysing Part One (support and criticise what other researchers done in relation to your project) (Part Two)
2.4 Find the gap(s) that other researchers not completed and how if you a mechanism (methodology) that will enable to fill this gap(s), i.e. reach your aim (Part Three)
2.5 References

Chapter Three (Methodology)
3.1 Introduction
3.3 Methodology (can be a simple mechanism/simple calculation (arithmetic) to generate your own data from secondary data).
3.4 Show how your data obtained.
3.5 Refer to the following chapter (Result Chapter)
3.6 Ethical Issues
3.7 References

Chapter Four (Results)
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Present the data you obtained from your methodology in the form of a graph(s), Table(s) Chart...etc. with brief comments.

Chapter Five (Analysis)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Analyse your data listed in the previous chapter (results)
5.3 Discussion - include any possible error or estimated data or not possible to obtain certain data.
5.3 Recommendations

Chapter Six
General Conclusion

References & Bibliography - if not mentioned within the reference section for each chapter, i.e. additional references that you may not have cited within the main text.