6051CEM Determine and use the appropriate cryptographic tools and protocols for common tasks

Practical Cryptography

Learning Outcome 1: Determine and use the appropriate cryptographic tools and protocols for common tasks

Learning Outcome 2. Generate keys, signatures and certificates for interacting with services

Learning Outcome 3. Build software that uses cryptographic primitives

Assignment Task

Assignment: Produce a report containing the following sections/content:

BossCard is a new credit card designed by StinkingRich Bank for the busy executive. The extended CIA model is a necessary security component for transaction management with this card. A simple purchase transaction requires three or more players to process and authorise a payment. Design a protocol for purchase management using the BossCard and featuring three players: the customer, the retailer and the bank. You can consider either a customer present retail transaction or a customer not present online retail transaction. Identify suitable encryption algorithms utilised in your purchase protocol. Justify your algorithm choices and the various stages of your protocol. Use suitable graphics and code snippets (in pseudocode or a programming language of your choice) where appropriate, to clearly illustrate your protocol. You do not have to provide a complete programmed proof of concept although this may enhance your chances of securing a high mark. Identify the strengths and limitations of your protocol, Summarise your findings in a report of 2,000 words (excluding appendices and tables) and include properly formatted references where necessary.

Secure Payment