6042BMS Implement a project plan, manage time and resources effectively and record data accurately in accordance with ethical and healthand safety requirements.

Independent Project in Biomedical Science

Project - DNA Recombination in Plasmids

Learning Outcome 1: Implement a project plan, manage time and resources effectively, and record data accurately in accordance with ethical and health and safety requirements.

Learning Outcome 2: Analyze, interpret, and present project data in appropriate formats and critically evaluate this data in the context of current literature.

Learning Outcome 3: Reflect on the skills and competencies developed during the project period and their impact on employability.

Assessment Task: The thesis is based on the data collection carried out during the beginning of the semester.

The structure of the thesis should be as follows:

  • Title page: Template will be available on Aula.
  • Abstract: This is an overview of your project, including brief aspects of background, method, results, and conclusion. Citations or abbreviations should not be included.
  • Introduction: Provide background information relevant to the project, appropriately referenced throughout. Text should not be copied and pasted from the proposal. This section should end with the aims of the project. Objectives and hypotheses do not need to be included, but if they are, they will be part of the word count for the introduction. Figures and tables may be included if appropriate, referenced as required and relevant to the content.
  • Methods: Detail the methods used in an appropriate scientific format, with sufficient detail for the project to be replicated by someone not familiar with it. Reference methods appropriately, including manufacturers where appropriate. Use subheadings where required and present in a logical order.
  • Results: Use descriptive text to describe project results. Figures and tables must be labeled appropriately with titles and legends. Statistical analysis and descriptive statistics should process data where appropriate. Raw data should not be presented in this section.
  • Discussion: Interpret, analyze, and discuss results throughout this section. While results will be recapped in parts, this section should not be an extension of the results section; descriptions should be limited. Discuss project results in relation to other published literature.
  • References: Use CU Harvard/APA style as appropriate. Provide evidence of data collection (including raw data and links to consent forms and reflections). Document and complete evidence of data collection, demonstrating what was carried out throughout the project. Include a reflective piece that evaluates your own skills and employability.

Optional sections may include:

  • Contents page
  • Abbreviations index
  • Acknowledgments

Section 3: Help and Support Support and guidance specifically for the project will be provided through meetings with project supervisors. A padlet will be set up for general guidance, allowing students to post questions anonymously.

Supervisors will be available at least biweekly after data collection until the submission deadline. For students deferring or extending thesis submission, support will continue, though meeting frequency will be reduced.

An Aula discussion forum will allow students to ask assessment-related questions, which will be answered via the forum.