5CC503 Design, implement and test database-driven applications using industry-standard techniques, technologies and best practices.

5CC503 Application Development - University of Derby

Assignment: Developing a Data Visualization Application

Learning Outcome 1: Design, implement, and test database-driven applications using industry-standard techniques and technologies.

Assignment Overview:

Create an application that transforms government open data into compelling visual representations. Choose a dataset from a government open data website and develop an application that dynamically visualizes this data for improved understanding.

Key Requirements:

  1. Client Component:

    • Develop a web-based client (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) or a graphical Windows/mobile application with user-friendly interfaces.
  2. Server Component:

    • Implement a web service (REST or SOAP API) to retrieve data from a relational database and deliver it to the client in JSON or XML format.
  3. Data Visualization:

    • Generate dynamic visualizations based on retrieved data.
  4. Deployment:

    • Deploy server-side components (web service, client server components) on an Azure virtual machine using PHP.

Submission Details:

  • Prepare a comprehensive report with:
    • Website URL or client download location.
    • Original data source URL.
    • Description of unique features or visualizations.
    • Implementation log detailing tasks completed during the assignment.