VTA300CAW Module Title Academic Writing 3:Writing Skills for Dissertation and Research Project

Academic Writing 3: Writing Skills for Dissertation and Research Project


Writing assignment

Carry out a literature review on one of the topics from the list below:

  1. Discuss and evaluate the cybersecurity risks of wearable technology
  2. How does Extended Reality change the fashion industry?
  3. Discuss and evaluate the impacts of adopting artificial intelligence in secondary education
  4. The opportunities and threats of using chatbot for customer service You have to write a review of no less than 1750 words.

Your review should include the following:

  • an outline plan on how you will analyse the assignment topic and search for relevant information. The outline plan should be attached to your report as appendix without word count. 
  • a clear argument and stance on the topic with strong supporting points from at least two reference materials such as journal papers, essays, research or conference papers, books, scholar blog, etc..
  • a self-reflection of around 100 words on how you can apply the knowledge and skills learnt on this writing module to your studies and future career. The reflection should be focus on the writing knowledge rather than the technical content of the assignment itself

You should use the APA Referencing Style for this assignment.

Please refer to the teaching and learning materials of this module in Moodle for how to work out the outline plan and the use of the APA Referencing Style.