Financial Analysis Report, SU, Malaysia You Need To Find The Price, The Coupon Payment, The Current Yield, The Price At +1 Bps, And The PVBP

Question 1

You need to find the price, the coupon payment, the current yield, the price at +1 bps, and the PVBP.

Question 2

Now find the modified duration, Macaulay duration, percentage price change, dollar duration, and dollar price change. Use 1 bps.

Question 3

Find the convexity measure and dollar convexity measure for each bond.

For all questions, assume that you acquired these bonds on the coupon date (there is no accrued interest) and the settlement date is 11 April 2023. For the convexity measure, an approximation is fine, using 1 bps (0.0001 as a decimal).