Develop a work breakdown structure on project lifecycle



The Morant Bay Urban Centre in St. Thomas is a major land development project spearheaded by the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, through the Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ). The first of its kind to be built in Jamaica, the project so far has been plagued by long delays in its roll out, mostly due to the COVID - 19 outbreaks.

The project`s location is former Good Year property and adjacent lands and slated to cost about $6 billion. This centre will serve Morant Bay`s commercial, industrial and economic needs. Under the contract with China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC), 80 per cent of the labour force must be Jamaicans and reside in the area.

Project managers assigned to this project are expected to manage the effective and efficient delivery of this venture. Key areas of focus will be planning, executing and monitoring.

Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) based on the Project Lifecycle . The WBS should have at least three (3) hierarchical levels with unique identifying codes.

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