Describe why the problem merits intervention using a succinct review of current data or research


I. Part I: Succinct Background and Significance of a Problem (3 to 4 pages; 1 page for the problem, 1 page for each intervention, 1 page lee-way)

Provide a review for the rationale for a health prevention initiative in one of the two identified community organizations in Chicago. Describe why the problem merits intervention using a succinct review of current data or research. Remember that your audience is a grant review team - you will need compelling statistics presented in a clear concise way. In addition, describe two programs or initiatives in detail, that are underway (or recently completed), that work to alleviate the chosen public health issue.

II. Part II: Identify Program, Develop Logic Model (4 to 5 pages)

Select one of the two programs or initiatives you identified in the first homework and describe the program in detail. Include in your descriptions the goals of the program, who the program will reach, and how they will reach participants? (2-3pgs). Include a table or chart that describes the timeline of your intervention according to activities. The final page of your homework (only 1 page!) is a logic model that simply, but thoroughly describes the programs` Inputs, Audience(s), Activities, Outputs and Short Medium and Long-Term Outcomes/Impacts.

III. Part III: Evaluation Design and Budget (4 to 5 pages)

Homework 3 builds on the first 2 Homeworks. Using your selected program, develop an evaluation plan including defining SMART objectives, and clearly and succinctly identifying the evaluation/research questions that will be evaluated. Be sure to include both process and Impact/Outcome Evaluation in your design, and include qualitative and quantitative methods. Provide a summary of the assessment tools that will be used to evaluate the program, the anticipated participants, and the evaluation design, including limitations. Include in your paper a timeline specific to program evaluation.

IV. Paper and Presentation - Grant Application (including all components of parts 1, 2, and 3)

Using the first 3 homeworks as your guide, complete your grant application for a foundation reviewer. In your application, you should include the following sections: Program Goals and SMART Objectives, Logic Model (as an attachment) but it should be described in the text, Evaluation Plan (including evaluation questions to be answered, population, assessment tools etc.), Evaluation Limitations, a single Program Timeline (integrated), and a Budget and Budget Narrative. Using the following resource, each program plan should have a selected health communication strategy and discussion of why that strategy was chosen to deliver the program.

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