Apply good project management processes to ensure SMART objectives and managed efficiently and delivered within the timeframe

Assignment - Project Management Portfolio

Learning outcome 1: Prepare a professional report based on research.

Learning outcome 2: Implement effective project management processes to ensure SMART objectives are efficiently managed and delivered within the specified timeframe.

Learning outcome 3: Compile a portfolio showcasing project performance.

Learning outcome 4: Reflect on the essential skills required for both individual and team functions in project delivery.

Learning outcome 5: Identify areas for skills development.

Task Requirement


Global Banking School (GBS) is a rapidly expanding higher education provider in the United Kingdom (UK), currently operating across eight campuses in four cities. In light of its success, GBS plans to establish a new campus in Liverpool.

You have been appointed as the project manager for this venture.

For the summative assignment, students must prepare a 3000-word portfolio encompassing three components: 

  • A 2000-word project plan (LO 1, 2, 4, 5)
  • A 500-word mid-way progress report (LO 2, 3)
  • A poster promoting the advantages of studying at GBS, supported by a 500-word commentary (LO 3).

Description of the Task

The project plan (2000 words) will include:

  • A Statement of Work (SoW) detailing project objectives using SMART criteria, along with an explanation and justification of the chosen project management methodologies.
  • Reflection on the necessary skills for project completion.
  • Risk assessment with mitigation strategies.
  • Project timeline in the form of a GANTT chart / milestone chart.

The mid-way progress report (500 words) will cover:

  • Evaluation of project progress against SMART objectives and the established timeline.
  • Updated project timeline incorporating any required adjustments.

The poster and commentary (500 words) will feature:

  • A completed poster promoting GBS to adult learners.
  • Commentary explaining how the poster aligns with project objectives.