Who has the POWER to make change regarding this issue? You will need to get the correct name and address of an appropriate political representative.

The objective of this assignment is to engage in advocacy action. Start by selecting an issue related to children that holds significance for you.

After identifying the topic, conduct research to determine the appropriate recipient for your advocacy letter. Consider: Who possesses the authority to instigate change regarding this issue? Obtain the accurate name and address of the pertinent political representative.

Craft a concise, one-page letter to be sent to the representative`s office. Ensure the letter is meticulously written with no grammatical or spelling errors. Thorough proofreading is crucial.

To maximize the effectiveness of your letter, incorporate the following elements:

  1. Clearly state the issue, providing a succinct overview of the problem.
  2. Utilize personal anecdotes or statistical data to underscore the significance of the issue. Clearly cite the sources of your statistics and data.
  3. Propose at least one solution for addressing the problem.
  4. Inquire about the representative`s stance on the issue.
  5. Seek information regarding any existing plans or initiatives aimed at addressing your concerns.
  6. Inquire about relevant legislation, requesting a copy if available.
  7. Offer assistance in resolving the issue.
  8. Express gratitude for the representative`s attention and time.
  9. Request a prompt response.

Upon completion, upload the letter to the Canvas classroom. You may decide whether to also email it to the designated addressee.

Remember, your advocacy letter serves as a proactive step towards effecting positive change on an issue impacting children.