What medications are used to treat these types of disorders?

Classification of Disorders Review:
Failure to address any or all of these items in your written assessment will impact your grade. A thoroughly written report that captures all of the bullets below, and adheres to the outline/format listed below; should range between 7- 10 pages, double-spaced with Times New Roman font of 12, and normal margins.
This paper will focus on a group of DSM-5 Disorders (PERSONALITY DISORDERS) and treatment approaches related to a specific classification of disorders. Several factors will need to be accounted for in this report; including:

• How the symptoms of a disorder might present alone, or with co-occurring substance use.
• Why the classification of a specific disorder in this group (Example: Hoarding with OCD types).
• What is the history behind these diagnoses?
• What could be some differential diagnosis?
• What are some potential reasons for the etiologies of these disorders?
• Identify some evidence based practices as well as alternative treatment modalities.
• What medications are used to treat these types of disorders?
• What is the impact of people with these conditions on their families and systems?


Learn about the challenge or problem by conducting online library database research, interviewing experts in that area, and/or exploring other relevant, credible sources. You MUST use knowledge from the fields of social work and other social sciences. 

Research should include: 

1) basic facts, 

2) empirical research regarding the challenge or problem, 

3) descriptions or explanations of the factors influencing or causing the problem, and 

4) descriptions of possible trajectories for those who experience this problem.

Each student will hand in: 

1) a reference list of a minimum of five references 

2) A completed copy of the term paper should be 7-10 pages long. It should be written as a literature review.