What is the expected completion time for this project?


You are the manager if an IT project to develop and install a customer relationship management (CRM) module within your company`s enterprise IT system. So far, you have planned only the first phase of the project, which doesn`t include the soft launch (to test the system live), user input, corrections, or final launch. A network diagram showing the first phase of project schedule appears below. Costs are spread evenly over the activity times.

Use the tabs in this spreadsheet to complete this assignment.

Task 1- Create a Baseline Budget for this project (use Tab: Task 1 - Baseline Budget)

Task 2 - The project plan gets revised and you now have a new baseline budget given to you (Tab :Revised Budget) go to this worksheet and complete all the entries the EVM tables given for each update. Then, at the end of each period, give an assessment on project`s progress in terms of its budget and schedule and what the estimates will be for the completion time and budget if the project progress continues in this way.

Task 1: Complete the baseline budget for this project. Assume that the budget for an activity is used uniformly during its duration.

What is the budget at completion for this project?

What is the expected completion time for this project?

What is your overall assessment at this period (Week 7) , does it appear that the project is likely to finish on-time and on-budget? Why or why not? Explain your assessment (your response should not exceed the space provided here).