What arrangements are being made to access primary and secondary data from your chosen organisation/ industry?


The Research Proposal will be the foundation of the project research work being undertaken by the student. The Proposal will be written of approx. 3000 words; the distribution of word count for each section is given below against each section title. The research plan time-lines and the references will not be included in the word count.

You will write your answers in this given sheet itself.

1. Project (research topic) Title

Provide a concise and clear title of the research project work being undertaken by you.

2. Introduction 

  • Provide a brief introduction to your research topic, giving out the business company/ industry overview, including the issues/ problems prevalent in the organisation/ concerned industry/ sector.
  • Give out the aim of the research project, objectives and the research questions of your project work.

3. Literature Review 

  • Show how your research work fits into the literature available on your subject matter. Also, show how your research objectives/ questions intend to fill in the gaps and/ or extend knowledge after going through the available literature.
  • You must refer to at least 10-12 good sources of literature, out of which at least 6-8 or more should be references from recognized academic publications found in peer reviewed articles/ journals.

4. Research Process 

  • Give out your research philosophy, research approaches and the methodology you will follow to conduct the research.
  • Give out the methods of collecting your primary data, discuss the population and sampling methods you will use, by justifying the same.
  • Discuss ethics, reliability and validity measures you are going to adopt in your research work.

5. Resources Access for Primary and Secondary Data 

  • What resources you will access for collection of your primary and secondary data?
  • What arrangements are being made to access primary and secondary data from your chosen organisation/ industry?

6. Research plan and timelines of thesis submission

  • Please provide a plan of stages of your research development and thesis writing, with a time‐line of proposed goals for your program.
  • Your time-lines should include your plan right from the preparatory stage, to writing the various chapters of the dissertation, to the final write up and submission of the project.
  • The time-lines can be put in a tabular form and a Gantt chart made for the same thereafter.