What are the suggestions as noted in your textbook that Mark could use when gathering cultural data?

Mark, a new nurse on a medical-telemetry unit, is attending to Juan, an 88-year-old Mexican male with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Juan`s family frequently visits, with up to 10 members present at times, making patient care challenging for Mark. Feeling frustrated, Mark voices his concerns to the charge nurse, citing interference from the family. In response, the charge nurse prompts Mark to consider the patient`s cultural background in healthcare. Mark dismisses this, stating, "His culture doesn`t matter. He`s my patient, and I need to follow the standards of nursing practice like with every other patient."

What barrier to cultural care does Mark exhibit? What steps could Mark take to enhance his cultural knowledge and skills? What suggestions from your textbook could Mark employ when gathering cultural data? Explain how adopting the CULTURE approach (as discussed in your textbook) could enhance Mark`s cultural competence.