What are some of the potential reasons that people need these services?

CA Assignment Part A 

You are asked to pick a service user group from the below list.

  • Elderly – look at either supported living or care/nursing homes
  • Homelessness – emergency accommodation or other types of residential alternatives
  • Children – pick one of the following: residential Childcare; high support; detention centers; fostering; aftercare
  • Disability residential provisions – Adult or children The project requires you to gather information relevant to the alternative to Homecare service that you have chosen by answering the questions below

(A) Definition – what is this type of service and who avails of it?

(B) What are some of the potential reasons that people need these services?

(C) What are the current relevant pieces of legislation?

(D) What are the relevant policies?

(E) Are there standards in place? If so, outline them briefly.

(F) Any other relevant information – this may include recent or significant changes to service delivery or any other significant aspect of this type of service.

Part B:

Staying focused on the service user group that you have researched for the project, you are asked to critically discuss the policy and service frameworks in relation to principles of a human rights based approach and person centred practice. Critically discuss in what ways the policy and legislation reflect and support these principles and in what way they do not sufficiently do so.