This section should include a broad classification of event (from small to mega events) as well as examples for each category. This section must provide details regarding the characteristic of each kind of events.


You are employed at Great Events Ltd, a company specializing in events ranging from small-scale meetings to mega-events like the Olympic Games. As one of the most accomplished event managers in the company, your expertise lies particularly in the tourism and hospitality sector. Your manager has assigned you a crucial task: to participate in an exhibition linking suppliers and clients.

Task 1 of 2 - Information Brochure Instructions Your initial assignment is to craft an information brochure for Great Events Ltd. The brochure should be structured into 3 sections:

  • Cover page with contact details
  • Section 1: This section should encompass a comprehensive classification of events (ranging from small to mega events), accompanied by examples for each category. It must also elaborate on the distinctive characteristics of each type of event.
  • Section 2: Here, include examples of venues suitable for hosting events. Additionally, highlight the advantages of hosting events.
  • Section 3: Offer insights into the MINCE sector (Meetings, Incentives, Networking, Corporate hospitality, and Exhibitions), detailing its evolution and the components it comprises.

Task 2 of 2 - Sales Pitch Rehearsal Instructions Before heading to the exhibition and engaging with potential clients, your manager (your lecturer will assume this role) wishes to hear your sales pitch. Your objective is to persuade clients that the positive impacts of events outweigh the negative ones. Your pitch should:

  1. Begin by elucidating the interrelationship between tourism, hospitality, and events.
  2. Provide an illustrative example of an event hosted in a tourism destination.
  3. Analyze the event`s positive and negative impacts on the destination.
  4. Propose strategies to amplify the positive impacts.
  5. Recommend measures to mitigate the negative impacts.