theory you outlined in the first assessment they are: Biomedical model, Psychodynamic theory, the humanistic model, and cognitive-behavioural model.


This assessment requires students to write an essay based on the case study provided on the below, extending on the guided case study written for the first assessment. 

You should relate each section to the patient in the case study, as well as one (1) theory you outlined in the first assessment they are: Biomedical model, Psychodynamic theory, the humanistic model, and cognitive-behavioural model.

For this essay you are required to build on the theory of mental health and mental illness you discussed in the guided case study. 

You will need to review current, academic articles no more than five (5) years old, peer review sources at list 20 sosurces, as well as professional Codes and Standards, and discuss in relation to your materials and the case study provided: