The United Arab Emirates is the only federal state in the Arab world with ambitious aspirations concerning:

The United Arab Emirates distinguishes itself as the sole federal state in the Arab world with ambitious goals concerning the United Nations` Strategic Development Goals (SDGs), aspiring to lead globally in sustainable development. The UAE has implemented a broad range of strategies, programs, and initiatives to progress along this trajectory.

Rapid population growth characterizes the UAE as one of the world`s fastest-growing nations, particularly in urban centers like Dubai and Abu Dhabi driven by immigration. Despite criticisms leveled at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for resource utilization and slow SDG progress, certain member states are demonstrating renewed commitments to this global agenda.

Transitioning away from an oil-centric economy, the UAE is embracing alternative energy sources and cutting-edge technology. This transition is anticipated to positively impact SDG implementation, especially within the region`s healthcare sector.

Although the highest levels of UAE government express unanimous support for the United Nations` Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), challenges persist at lower governance levels, affecting coordination and execution. This study seeks to critically analyze these challenges and explore potential advantages associated with achieving SDGs within the UAE healthcare system.