the LGBT community continues to grow and is talked about a lot more. There are more people coming out and accepting their sexuality.


LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and along with heterosexual they are terms used to describe people’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Before discussing the discrimination, there will be a summary of what the community is and who they are. Also, what they represent and certain events and celebrations that they have. This project will look at the LGBT community and societies view on it. It will be discussing and debating on the discrimination towards this community. In society today the LGBT community continues to grow and is talked about a lot more. There are more people coming out and accepting their sexuality. The community is growing immensely yet some people still chose not to support the community. I decided to pick the LGBT Community for my project because I believe they face a great amount of discrimination. Not a lot of people shine light on the community, nor do they help in getting the correct help and support.

In this project it will look at a variety of aspects regarding the community. Firstly, there will be a section with statistics. These statistics will show the number of people in the LGBT Community. Also, there will be statistics showing views and agreements of the community. There will be a section regarding certain laws and cases that are linked with this community. It will include recent legislations that are both positive and negative towards the LGBT Community. There will be recent cases that people in the community have been involved with that is due to discrimination. The reasons may be attacks, abuse, exclusion, violation and much more. After there will be a section that will see the differences between Ireland and another country regarding the LGBT Community. Here will be different laws or similar ones. It will also look at the difference in numbers and views on the community.

This will show the changes and improvements in different societies. There will be information on bullying and harassment that people in the community face. Statistics will be talked about briefly. After will be a section on the History in Ireland involving the LGBT Community. In this section there will also be an account of the Catholic Religion and their views on it. Some information included will be from an interview with someone of the Catholic Religion. There will be discussions on the treatment people faced back then and the background of their treatment. After will be evidence of change in the Irish society.

After all the information is gathered and discussed, recommendations for both the society and the community will be mentioned. At the end of the project there will be a conclusion which will include a summary of the project and an evaluation on the whole topic.