The Food Product That Is Being Analysed For This Assignment Is Lean & Protein, A Kofta-Style Minced Meat Skewer:


The food product that is being analysed for this assignment is Lean & Protein, a kofta-style minced meat skewer, flavoured with a sweet and spicy Mexican inspired glaze.

Lean & Protein is a hybrid reduced meat product, which has had some of the meat content replaced with an alternative source of plant based protein. This product consists of a combination of seventy percent turkey thigh mince, and thirty percent rehydrated pea protein, as well as a herb and spice blend to provide flavour.

Lean & Protein will be marketed to the “flexitarian” market, and aimed at consumers who are seeking to reduce their meat intake for health, environmental or ethical reasons but do not wish to completely eliminate animal based foods from their diet. The name of the product reflects the low fat content of the two main ingredients, and the high levels of protein that they both contain.