SMU935 Discuss the initial years of Zenxin as a fertilizer manufacturer and its pivot into organic farming

Q1 (a): Evaluate Zenxin’s growth strategy. [HINT: Discuss the initial years of Zenxin as a fertilizer manufacturer and its pivot into organic farming. Map the various steps taken by the company over the years.]

Q1 (b): Why did the company foray into selling its products online? [Do a cost-benefit analysis of the online offer of organic produce that Zenxin was providing to its customers versus buying organic produce for a brick-and-mortar store – just come up with comparison points.] comparison points.]

Q2 (a): Assess the website strategies implemented by Zenxin in 2020, and compare them with its ecommerce strategies before Covid-19, in 2019. [HINT: Refer to Exhibit 3 of the case study. Then, visit Zenxin’s improved website For information of the website in 2019, before Covid-19, you can refer to the Exhibits 2 and 3 in the case. Use the marketing funnel theory as the base for the discussion.]

Q2 (b): What additional features do you suggest might be feasible for Zenxin to incorporate in its website to increase its attractiveness to its customers? [HINT: Suggest strategies to improve Zenxin’s existing website design to attract more customers. May further consider content improvements to the website to enable Zenxin to attract more users. Oy you may suggest the usage of discount coupons on the website or then indicate the sale of limited-time offers of heavily discounted products. You may also suggest using Facebook ads to promote Zenxin products. Another key tactic Zenxin can implement to attract customers is lead magnet. See for an idea of lead magnets] Instructions: The assignment file should comprise single MS-WORD/ PDF file of up to 3 pages Margin “Normal”, Times New Roman or any legible font Font Size 11 or any legible font size Line Spacing: 1.5 or any reasonable spacing

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