Select a New Zealand business that you think demonstrates a commitment to sustainable business management practices and innovation

Select a New Zealand business that you think demonstrates a commitment to sustainable business management practices and innovation. You will need to capture the impact the Company’s actions have had on both their sustainability and their stakeholders.

  1. Create a portfolio ofgeneral evidence to illustrate why this business has been successful in showing a commitment to sustainable management practices. Evidence may include executive summaries, media releases, articles, YouTube Links, financial reports, news articles, brief reports etc. You should reference as many as you have identified however there must be no fewer than three pieces of evidence included (four if there are four students). For three pieces of evidence that you have identified (four if there are four students in the group), write a brief summary of no more than 200 words for each piece of evidence explaining why you have included it in your portfolio as evidence of the Company’s commitment to sustainable management. Provide an introduction to your report which describes the nature of the business - i.e. what it does and what it stands for (i.e. consider its vision, mission and values and make reference to these). You must be clear about what is meant by “sustainable management” in your report 
  2. Foreach piece of evidence provided, write an evaluation, identifying the impact that each practice has on possible stakeholders such as (for example) customers, shareholders, staff, suppliers, community, and environment etc. No more than 200 words for each practice
  3. For your identified business explain how the Company’s actions address each of theTriple Bottom Line principles of People, Planet and Profit (no more than 200 words for each practice). If there are four students in your group, you must also capture the fourth bottom line principle of “Purpose”.
  4. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your findings. Your group will then present this to the class. Allow a total of 10 minutes for your presentation. You will be expected to present an equal amount. You will be assessedon your ability to articulate your written evidence and your depth orresearch.