Resource Management Assignment, Ireland Discuss How The Management Of Human Resources Has Evolved From Personnel Management To The Current Role Of HRM Today:

Assignment 1: Write a report focusing on the relevance of HRM and the importance of developing people:

  1. Discuss how the management of human resources has evolved from personnel management to the current role of HRM today, Make it relevant to your workplace with personal examples (20%).
  2. Explain the difference between recruitment and selection and discuss the process in your workplace (20%).
  3. Explain in depth how you would design a training and development programme for the staff in your organisation (20%).
  4. Explain the advantages to your organisation (and others) and its employees of having a proper performance appraisal system in place. Use the system in your workplace as an example (20%) e) What advice would you give to a manager who is having problems motivating staff? Please include an example from your own experience. (20%)