PUBH6006 - Health Promotion and Community Health Assignment

Assignment Task

Target population 

  • Provide an overview of the target population and the community health issue being addressed by the given community-based health promotion program.
  • Critically explain the importance and significance of a given program among the target population

Conceptual framework of health promotion

  • Describe aims and level of disease prevention (primary/secondary/tertiary level)
  • Identify and critical explain conceptual framework/approach used in the given program (medical approach, behavioural approach, or socioeconomic approach). It is not necessary for the program to apply all approaches, please explain only relevant approach(s) applied to the given program
  • Identify and critical explain health promotion strategies (Ottawa Charter: Enable or Mediate or Advocate) that had been applied to the given program. It is not necessary for the program to apply all health promotion strategies, please explain only relevant strategies applied to the given program.

Health promotion activities/interventions

  • Identify health promotion activities/interventions of the given program (such as lifestyle change, health education session, screening test etc.).
  • Critically evaluate the appropriateness of those activities/interventions for the target population.


  • In a short paragraph, provide a useful overall summary of your assignment for the reader. Do not introduce any new information/ideas.