NM4154: Fatima, A 20-Year Student Was Admitted To The Acute In-Patient Unit Three Weeks Ago. Fatima Is Currently Studying To Become A Primary:

Fatima, a 20-year student was admitted to the acute in-patient unit three weeks ago. Fatima is currently studying to become a primary school teacher. Prior to her admission, Fatima had stopped socializing with her friends and had become irritable and suspicious of those around her.

Fatima explained that she was ‘no good’ and ‘useless’ and that her lecturers ‘wanted her to fail’. Fatima lives with her mother and three younger siblings; her father died by suicide several years ago.

While in the acute unit, Fatima commenced on Olanzapine 5mg BD and is responding well. She is also engaging in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp). Fatima has met with the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) on a weekly basis and is now ready to be discharged home. She is to link in with the CMHT on discharge and hopes to return to her studies in the near future.