My client is individuals who use IT in their everyday life. Ranging from businesses to everyday individuals and especially the vulnerable ones.

Audience Profile and Investigative Scope

My client base includes individuals who integrate IT into their daily routines, spanning businesses, everyday users, and notably vulnerable populations. This inquiry aims to illuminate the political underpinnings of ransomware attacks and the legal implications for perpetrators.

The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated a rapid shift to online activities, with schools adopting virtual education and businesses transitioning to remote operations. Notably, global institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) faced cybersecurity challenges, including organized attempts to access employee information on March 13th.

Moreover, the widespread adoption of digital technologies has fueled an increase in Internet users across diverse sectors, thereby catalyzing the rise of cybercrimes. Projections indicate that by 2025, these illicit activities could culminate in substantial losses amounting to $10.5 trillion (Morgan, 2020).