MN6067QA How do your motives for and the context of the reflective writing affect the manner in which you have gone about the task?

Question: Choose one of the models of reflection introduced in the sessions to critically reflect on your suitability to a particular role in a business/sector using evidence fromworkshops (strengths, career anchors, MBTI, ...)

Extent to which you have used an appropriate model of reflection
Extent of depth you have reflected on your suitability providing evidence from in-class activities
Extent of depth you have reflected on your own personal growth
Extent to which you have structured and presented the reflection coherently and clearly
Extent to which you evidence appropriate academic writing and referencing

The aim of the reflection is for you to acquaint yourself with the skill of reflection, but also to enhance your learning on the topic discussed during the sessions. A written reflection will allow you to rethink an experience, reflect on it, learn from the experience and practice your newly learned realization in a new setting and then again start the cycle again.

Questions to facilitate reflection

What is the issue/event/topic... that is to be the subject matter of the reflection?

Questions to facilitate reflection (as per Moon, 1999)

Out of the description, what is the issue/s that could be addressed in reflective writing? These issues can be raised within the description of separately.

Is there anything else you need to consider at the moment in terms of context?

What is the nature of the significance of this issue to you (and why?)?

How do you feel about it?

How do your feelings relate to any action?

Was it good/bad - and what are the implications?

What do you need to do?

What other information do you need (ideas, knowledge, opinion, etc)?

Are there previous instances of this event, issue arising that will help you to think more/ differently about it?

Are there others, or the views of others that are relevant to this matter - and in what way?

Questions that are likely to be helpful in prompting more profound reflection

Has the nature of your description of the issue/event influences the manner in which you have gone about the reflective writing?

Is there relevant formal theory that you need to apply?

How do your motives for and the context of the reflective writing affect the manner in which you have gone about the task?

In what way might have you tackled the task differently if the context was not one of formal education?

Is there another point of view that you could explore - are there alternative interpretations to consider?

Are others seeing this issue from different points of view that may be helpful to you to explore?

Does this issue relate to other contexts - reflection on which may be helpful?

If you "step back" from this issue, how does it look different?

How do you judge your ability to reflect on this matter?

Do you notice that your feelings about it have changed over time - ot in the course of writing this - suggeston that your own frame of reference has changed?

Are there ethical/,oral/wider social issues that you would want to explore?