MGT340: Human resources have played an important role in the success of the company.

Human resources have played an important role in the success of the company. The quality of the human resource is important as the employees depend on it to be productive and achieve objectives. Therefore, the performance management system came into effect as a management reform to address and redress concerns, organizations had about performance.

Employee performance can be achieved when the employees understand how they can solve problems and have the right skills to perform the task. When employees are able to perform the tasks given, it will help to increase the company’s productivity level. Training plays a crucial part in helping employees to perform their daily tasks and achieve the goals of the company. In contributing to the overall goal of the organization, training, and development processes are implemented as these benefit not just the organization but also the individuals making up that organization (Hashim, 2014).

For the organization level, the training will help to improve the profitability of the organization and improve the positive attitude of employees toward the organization, while for individual levels, the training will help the employee to perform the current tasks and future tasks given to them.

The performance of an individual can be achieved by participating in training activities. Learning can be achieved through training which is translated into organization resources in which the employee is able to acquire, infer, and utilized the skills they have obtained. Moreover, training can help the organization to obtain expert skills in such areas which are acquired through pieces of training. Therefore, pieces of training will give an impact on the performance of the employees.