MGMT7032 MGMT7032 Describe The Complex Human Context In Which Managers Work And Discuss The Problems Associated With That Realm:


  • This assignment is to be a report based on your organization, or another with which you are familiar.
  • Based on the content we have covered during lectures and your own reading,
  • you should identify and discuss some of the main stressors in the organization.
  • The report should describe and justify evidence-informed solutions or strategies to the identified stressors. These may include existing solutions that have been put in place but should also include additional strategies informed by the literature.
  • Remember, this assignment is a chance to demonstrate your capabilities across all the Learning Outcomes for this module:

(i) Describe the complex human context in which managers work and discuss the problems associated with that realm.
(ii) Advise on ways to better integrate organizations and the people who constitute them.
(iii) Describe the forces operating on different nationalities and ages in the workplace.
(iv) Discuss emerging concepts that are reshaping the field of Organisational Behaviour.

Therefore, the work you present in the assignment should seek to show an understanding of all these areas in some way.

  • The choice of what areas/stressors on which you focus your report is up toyou as each of your organizational contexts will be different but you shouldensure you are making clear links to the topics discussed in MGMT7032.


 This is an individual assignment.

  • The word count for the assignment is max. 2,000 words (not including the Cover Page or Reference List).
  • Referencing must adhere to the Harvard Referencing Standard.
  • The cover Page should include Student Name, Student ID, *Student Assessment Declaration, Wordcount, Lecturer’s Name and Module Name.
  • The assignment must be submitted through Canvas on or before the due date.
  • Formatting: Arial, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified.