Line Manager is responsible for delegating to you and your colleagues the testing of theory, principles, and hypotheses from several worldwide company divisions.

You work as a Test Engineer for a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical components and systems. Your Line Manager is responsible for assigning you and your colleagues the task of testing theories, principles, and hypotheses from various divisions across the company`s worldwide operations. They have requested your participation in a series of such evaluations.

Task 1:

Distinguish each of the current functions based on time and calculate the rate of change for each function at t = 3 seconds.


Task 2:


For the given circuit, assuming zero charge on the capacitor at t = 0, quantify the current flowing through the circuit.


Integrate this equation with respect to time (t) to determine the charge stored in the capacitor after the switch is closed for 0.5 seconds.


The current (𝑖𝑖𝐿𝐿) flowing through a 100 mH inductor (L) changes with time (t) as described below:


Calculate the inductor current when the time is 0.75 seconds.