LD7206 Identify the stakeholders of the project and evaluate the potential causes of conflicts amongst stakeholders for your choses project.

Instructions on Assessment:

Data-driven decision making has become increasingly important for modern businesses as it helps organisations to develop, implement, monitor and control their strategies and tactics. Indeed, using data-driven decision making can help you to better understand and analyse business problems and opportunities and identify potential solutions. As such developing data analytics skills can give you competitive edge as more and more employers are increasingly seeking candidates with data analysis and problem-solving skills.

Learning Outcome 1: Have a critical understanding of project management principles, methods, techniques, and tools.
Learning Outcome 2: Be able to critically apply decision making, problem solving and project management skills in a given problem/opportunity scenario.
Learning Outcome 3: Be able to critically apply data analytics tools/software packages in a given problem scenario.
Learning Outcome 4: Be able to demonstrate and reflect on the interpersonal and team working skills.

Topic - Convocation

Assignment Task 1

Task 1 covers MLO3. This is a group assignment, and the module tutor will assign students to the groups. The presentations will be scheduled in the week 11 and 12. In addition to the module tutors an industry professional will also attend the presentations. The presentation will be of 15 minutes for each group, followed by at 5 minutes questions and answers session. Each group member must contribute to the presentation and must present his or her part.

Background of the task
Northumbria University London is planning to organise convocation in London to ensure most of the graduates of London Campus should get opportunity to be part of the celebrations. The convocation is followed by a concert. The planning and execution on these projects are already stared. The organising committee wants to assess the progress of these two projects.

Your groups are appointed as a Project Analyst by the university management to review the progress. Your group may choose one of the projects (either graduation ceremony or concert). You are expected to deliver a presentation that will critically appraise your chosen project.

The presentation should include these parts:

  1. An introduction to the problem/opportunity statement regarding the choses project
  2. Identifying the stakeholders and deliverables of the project
  3. Evidence of knowledge of key business intelligence/data analytics systems (developed dashboard MS Excel or other softwares)
  4. Critical analysis and justification of developed dashboard (MS Excel)
  5. Conclusion and recommendations for the successful implementation and use of a BI / DA solution in your chosen project
  6. Clarity of expression. The presentation must be supported by academic references and examples and include a single reference list

Assignment Task 2

Each student will submit an individual report (word limit 2,000 words). This report will consist of the following sections laid out as follows:

Question 1. Provide the introduction of the project on which you worked a team member. Discuss its planning, execution, and evaluation phase. Critically analyse the tools and techniques used in project management. (600 words) [MLO1]

Question 2. Identify the stakeholders of the project and evaluate the potential causes of conflicts amongst stakeholders for your choses project. Assess the risk associated with the project during various project life cycle stages and the risk mitigation strategies(1000 words)[MLO2]

Question 3. Reflect on your role as a member of project analyst team. Critically analyse the project team dynamics amongst the team members and role of the team leadership in creating effective project teams to achieve objectives by applying SCRUM Agile Leadership.(400 words) [MLO4]