ITECH2000 Mobile Development Fundamentals Federation University AU

Requirement 1: There must be a welcome screen

This screen should be the first one presented to the user when they start your app – thus it needs to be done on “Screen1”. The screen needs to have mechanisms to get to the various other functions that are offered by the app.

Requirement 2: Obtain information about a customer

It must be possible to enter the details of a new customer into the app. The customer might make several bookings for different movie sessions, or only a single movie session. However, before they can book to attend a movie session, their details need to be input into the app.

The following details need to be input:

• A 5 digit customer ID that does not start with zeros (e.g. 10000 is the smallest acceptable value).

• The name of the customer

• The customer’s date of birth

• Whether the customer has a concession card.

There must be a specific screen where the user will enter this information. After validating the input, the screen should pass the inputted information to the prior screen (the screen we were at before we came to this screen for input). This screen should notin app inventor. no report is required for this assignment. you have to export the file after making the app in app invent