Intrapersonal, interpersonal or environmental interventions

you will select a group video from the Alexander Street Press database, available through the Phillips Library.

Go to the library homepage.
Click on the link ‘A-Z Databases’ under the search bar
Click ‘Select Vendor’ dropdown at the top of the page and choose ‘Alexander Street Press’.
Select a database by clicking on the title; I recommend you use Counseling & Therapy in Video. Use the search bar at the top of the database to search for videos in the collection.
Choose one video of a therapeutic group that you would like to reflect upon from the Alexander Street Press collection. Provide the link and an appropriate APA citation within the discussion board. Include your observations of the group you watched, along with application from course material from this week’s readings in your discussion post.
In your discussion, include the following:
Discuss the strategies used by the therapist to help the group members cope with the situations that they are discussing.
Identify if these strategies are intrapersonal, interpersonal or environmental interventions. Refer to the textbook for guidance about the type of intervention strategies that are used.
Discuss the implications of the use of the intervention for treatment planning to accommodate the preferences and unique needs of individual clients during the middle or work phase of treatment groups.
Discuss any other general comments or reflections that you might have.