how easy (or difficult) it is to gather appropriate information including some relevant statistical data on your selected organisation.

Assessment Instruction

The assessment for this module involves a case study or in-organization strategic analysis through an individual essay of 3000 words. Apply relevant theories and concepts to your chosen organization or case study.

Select an appropriate organization and analyze the relationship between business strategy and Human Resource Management.

Consider the following before selecting your organization:

  • Decide on your unit of analysis, considering focusing on a strategic business unit (SBU) for larger organizations.
  • Assess the feasibility of gathering relevant information, including statistical data, on your chosen organization.

Your essay should cover the following aspects in equal proportions:

  1. Analyze the strategy and strategic process of your chosen organization using either Barney`s RBV/VRIN model or Porter`s Value Chain & Activities map tool.
  2. Use PESTLE analysis to demonstrate three impactful ways in which employment and HR policy/practice in your organization are influenced by external factors at different levels (international, national, industry, or local).
  3. Critically discuss the roles of HR practitioners in your organization, referencing Ulrich`s (1988) vision for the HR function.

Include up to two pages of diagrams or charts applying the models/frameworks in an appendix, ensuring to discuss these ideas within the main body of the essay.