How Does The Interviewee View The Role Of The Victim In The Pursuit Of Criminal Justice? What Is The Interviewee’s Opinion Of The Efficiency:

  • How does the interviewee view the role of the victim in the pursuit of criminal justice?
  • What is the interviewee’s opinion of the efficiency and effectiveness of the prevailing victims’ rights laws in their jurisdiction?
  • Conduct research on the local provisions for victims’ rights by statute and court rule. Does the interviewee understand their application?
  • To what does the interviewee attribute the absence or reluctance of victims to participate in the criminal justice processes? Does this align with what you have learned in the course?
  • What is the interviewee’s understanding of crime victims’ rights generally and the history of this movement?
  • Based on your interview and understanding from the course would you make any training recommendations for this person’s role, education, etc.?