How did the Colorado Gold Rush at Central City impact the mining industry?

Next, you are looking for a final resource that will help to answer your question. This resource could be a:
Picture (drawing, painting, or photograph) of your historic site Picture of artifacts found at the site
Document from the historic Newspaper article about the historic site Picture of someone who was important to the historic site Other primary sources related to the site Here are some websites that may be useful to find resources: 
For the resource you find, copy and paste the resource into the ARS document.
Click where it says “Image Placeholder” and paste your resource into that spot.
Now ask–Does this resource help to answer my Investigation Question? If yes–keep the resource there. If not–delete the resource and find a better one.
Once you have a good resource pasted there, go back to the original source and copy the URL address. Paste this URL address in the ARS document (look for the box under the resource you just pasted, where it says “Resource Link Here”).
In the Westward Expansion ARS Template, complete these steps to finish Resource #1:
Resource Title
Give the resource a title.
Keep the title simple. Use the original website for the source–there may be information there to help you.
Resource Description
Write 2 sentences for the resource.
For the resource, simply describe what you see. (For example: “This is a photograph of ______ . In the background/foreground there is ______ .”)
Importance of the Resource
Write 3 sentences for the resource.
Re-read your investigation question, then write about how this resource helps to answer your question.
Review all of your resources. For the highest scores, you will want a variety of resources (in other words, don’t have a map for all of your resources). If you feel your resources are all too similar, replace them as necessary.
Finishing the Citations
Click on each of your Resource Links to go back to the original sources.
Use those URL addresses to create citations for each of your resources.
Paste those citations into box 8 of the ARS document.
Remember to also include the citations for the 2 (or more) text sources you used in Step 1.
Your citations should be in alphabetical order.