H/615/3242 Understand the significance of strategic management and decision making to the performance of a business organisation. Othm LEVEL 7

H/615/3242 Strategic Financial Management - Othm LEVEL 7 Diploma In Accounting And Finance

Aim: The aim of this unit is to develop learners` understanding of planning and managing the use of an organisation`s financial resources. Learners will understand the importance of attaining business objectives and maximizing shareholder return. Learners will gain a working knowledge of business strategy design and the production of comprehensive business plans.

Learning Outcome 1: Understand the significance of strategic management and decision making to the performance of a business

Learning Outcome 2: Understand key financial theories.

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to apply stakeholder analysis and corporate valuation techniques.

Learning Outcome 4: Understand the role of culture in strategic decision making.

Learning Outcome 5: Understand performance measurement systems.

You are required to choose a business organisation with which you are familiar in order to identify the organisation`s competitive strategies.
In addition, you are asked to identify different business organisations in a similar industry to allow for informative comparisons to be made.

You are advised to check with your tutor that your choice of business organisations is appropriate.

Task 1 - Business Report

Prepare a business report, to be presented to the Directors of your chosen company. You must include the following in your business report:
2. An analysis, using relevant academic theories, of internal and external organisational factors affecting your chosen business organisation.
3. An evaluation of the business resources in your chosen business organisation that are used to meet its organisations objectives.
4. An evaluation of key performance measurement systems.
5. An explanation of the financial analysis techniques used by business organisations.
6. An application of financial analysis systems and techniques to assess the financial performance of the final accounts of your chosen business organisation. For comparison, you should assess the Annual Reports of at least two of the business organisations that you have studied.
7. An explanation of the role of culture in creating a strategy.
8. An analysis of the role of change management.
9. An analysis of the role and effect of culture on change management.
10. An evaluation of key financial theories.
11. An assessment of strategic implementation techniques using balanced scorecard and
portfolio management tools.
12. An application of stakeholder analysis for your chosen business organisation. This should include:
• An analysis of the significance of stakeholder analysis.
• An analysis of business expansion methods and their impact on stakeholders.
• An application of stakeholder analysis to your chosen business organisation.
• Return and risk computations.
• An explanation of the concepts of corporate and business valuation techniques.

• Each section must reflect any supporting Harvard style citations.