G0302: Plagiarism is submitting or presenting someone else’s work, words, ideas, data or information as your own intentionally or unintentionally.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Construct a simple website using the standard Web site language.
  • Use the foundation design language such as HTML and CSS.
  • Use a web editor such as Notepad to build a website.
  • Apply a second web-based language to improve the website design.

C. University Policy on Academic Misconduct

1. Academic misconduct is a serious offense in Xiamen University Malaysia. It can be defined as any of the following:

i. Plagiarism is submitting or presenting someone else’s work, words, ideas, data or information as your own intentionally or unintentionally. This includes incorporating published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, 2 printed or electronic form into your work without acknowledging the source (the person and the work).

ii. Collusion is two or more people collaborating on a piece of work (in part or whole) which is intended to be wholly individual and passes it off as own individual work.

iii. Cheating is an act of dishonesty or fraud in order to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment. This includes using or attempting to use, or assisting another to use materials that are prohibited or inappropriate, commissioning work from a third party, falsifying data, or breaching any examination rules.

2. All the assessments submitted must be the outcome of the student. Any form of academic misconduct is a serious offense that will be penalized by being given a zero mark for the entire assessment in question or part of the assessment in question. If there is more than one guilty party as in the case of collusion, both you and your collusion partner(s) will be subjected to the same penalty.

D. Instruction to Students For this final project there are 2 parts

i) development of the website and ii) final report. Students will be evaluated on their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge and skills.

The overall mark for this final project is 40 marks and the requirements as stated in section F. The due for submission in Week 16 (11 July 2022) (Monday). The CSS should be students’ own work. Students are not encouraged to download any free or paid templates from the internet. Submission to OneDrive:

1. After completion of the assignment, one zip file is compressed with all the files as stated
below. Your zip file is renamed as Student ID + Student Name.

  • Written report (softcopy .pdf file format, with cover page and marking rubric)
  • Presentation recorded video should be uploaded on YouTube and the link should include in the written report.
  • The file of all the source code files of your developed website, including HTML files, CSS files, images, text files, etc. The file name should also be on your Student ID + Student Name.


1. Development of the website The final project is to bring together much of what we have discussed this term, and worked on during the assignments, to design and construct a website. The topic of the site is related to healthcare. Following are the required features:

  • The main idea is to plan out an entire small-scale website (< 10 pages) and to
    The navigation system should function to show the user where they are and where they can go. You should plan and show navigation to other parts of the site, even if the links are not active.
  • One of these pages should contain a “function” component that uses JavaScript.
  • Your pages should be done well, with attention to details that will set your site apart from the hastily-produced site. Some examples of things you might consider.