FPC007B Client Engagement Skills Kaplan Professional AU

Identify a common problem your company encounters when engaging with clients in financial planning. 

Your problem must be specific and relevant. The problem may be a particular bias, client anxiety, assumption (e.g. heuristic) or information uncertainty.

This could have occurred as a result of:

  • an error or misunderstanding with the client
  • poor processing/systems in the company which has resulted in a poor outcome for the client
  • providing the wrong type of service to the wrong client segment
  • a lack of staff knowledge/training which has resulted in a client complaint
  • a client leaving the company or requesting to deal with someone else in the company as a result of poor experience/misunderstanding or merely a personality clash (behavioural biases).

If you do not have direct experience in financial planning or direct client engagement experience, interview 

a financial adviser and ask them to identify a common problem they encounter when engaging with clients.

If you decide to do this, you can use the interview questions in Appendix 1 of Assignment 1 to help you ask the right questions