Explain how health might be promoted and protected within a given population

STEP 1 - Summarise the profile for a local geographical area; exploring factors impacting upon the health of the people living within this area  (What factors are impacting most upon the people living in your chosen area)

STEP 2 - Identify and justify your choice of target population  (Which group of people are of most interest to you)?

STEP 3 -  Identify and justify THREE health related needs of your target population (What needs are most important?) 

Identify and justify THREE health related needs within your chosen target population. Your choice must be based upon health inequalities, exploring how the identified needs impact on the chosen target population.

STEP 4 - Which is the most important need and what is being done locally to tackle this need?
Finally, using strength of evidence, you must prioritise ONE of the three health related needs (from step 3) for your target population. Then identify health promotion opportunities / initiatives which exist locally in your chosen geographical area and explain how these initiatives promote and protect the health of your target population by using health promotion theory.