Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing

Assignment 1: - Unit 13 Computing Research Project

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process.
  2. Conduct and analyse research relevant to a computing research project.
  3. Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders.
  4. Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts.

Assignment Objective:

This coursework aims to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and application of the module`s concepts through the completion of four learning outcomes. The coursework submission should be in a report format encompassing all required components.

Assignment Scenario:

The theme for the Computing Research Project is centered around "The environmental impact of digital transformation". The exponential growth in data creation and storage poses significant challenges in terms of environmental impact, specifically related to power consumption and hardware demands. As computing professionals, it is essential to explore avenues where the digital sector can mitigate its environmental footprint.

Key Topics for Research:

  • Modern methods to reduce carbon emissions in IT network systems.
  • Impact of cloud data centers on the environment.
  • Environmental implications of e-waste and strategies for mitigation.

Research Objectives: Students are encouraged to select a research topic aligned with personal interest, feasibility, novelty, and ethical relevance. The research objective should facilitate a thorough exploration, analysis, and potential validation or refutation.

Assignment Components:

  1. Research Proposal Development:

    • Create a methodical, ethical, and reliable research proposal.
    • The proposal must be approved by the tutor before initiating research.
    • Submission of an ethics form is mandatory prior to research commencement.
  2. Research Execution:

    • Conduct research as outlined in the approved proposal.
    • Apply defined research methodologies, ensuring consideration of limitations and ethical implications.
    • Analyze findings and derive conclusions based on the original research question.
  3. Reflection and Evaluation:

    • Reflect on the success and challenges encountered during the research project.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of research methodologies employed.
    • Provide recommendations based on the research outcomes.

Appendices: Include supporting documents such as the research proposal, ethics form, data collected, and any additional requested materials.