Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process Unit 13 Computing Research Project - BTEC Higher National Diploma

Unit 13 Computing Research Project - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing

Assignment - Computing Research Project

Learning Outcome 1: Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process

Learning Outcome 2: Conduct and analyse research relevant for a computing research project

Learning Outcome 3: Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders

Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts

Aim & Objective:

This coursework aims to demonstrate a broad understanding and knowledge of the module, assessing and evaluating the student`s strength and level of analysis across four learning outcomes. The coursework should be submitted as a comprehensive report document.

Assignment Scenario:

The Pearson-set theme for the Computing Research Project is centered around "The environmental impact of digital transformation," highlighting the increasing environmental footprint of the digital sector due to exponential data growth and energy consumption. Students are encouraged to select research topics aligned with this theme, ensuring feasibility, novelty, and ethical relevance.

Research Methodologies and Approaches:

  1. Developing a Research Proposal:

    • Craft a methodical, ethical, and reliable research proposal approved by the tutor.
    • Include a well-defined research problem, objectives, or hypothesis.
    • Conduct a literature review to identify background materials and extend current knowledge.
    • Decide on appropriate research methods and sample selection.
  2. Conducting Research:

    • Implement the approved research methodology, considering pitfalls, limitations, and ethical issues.
    • Analyze findings specific to the research question to draw valid conclusions.
  3. Reflecting on Research Process:

    • Evaluate the success of the research project, including a project evaluation and recommendations.
    • Reflect on formative feedback to enhance future research methodologies and approaches.

Project Deliverables:

  • Submit the research proposal and ethics form for approval prior to research commencement.
  • Conduct primary research aligned with the approved methodology.
  • Compile collected data and analyze findings relevant to the research objectives.
  • Include appendices with supporting documents, such as the proposal, ethics form, collected data, and any additional requested documents.


In conclusion, this assignment emphasizes the critical role of appropriate research methodologies in conducting a successful computing research project. By examining and applying suitable research approaches, students demonstrate their capability to conduct rigorous research aligned with ethical standards and academic requirements.