evise a practical learning tool which is original, creative and new to meet an organisational need in an company known to you. You will present your learning tool in the form of an academic poster.

Assessment 1 - Designing a Learning Tool to Meet Organizational Needs

Assessment Overview

Assessment 1 requires you to design a practical, original, and innovative learning tool to address a specific organizational need within a company you are familiar with. This learning tool will be presented in the form of an academic poster at an on-campus exhibition.

Instructions to Students:

  1. Create an Original Learning Tool: Devise a practical learning tool that is original, creative, and specifically tailored to meet an identified organizational need within a company you are familiar with. Your learning tool should be presented effectively on an academic poster.

  2. Identify Purpose and Need: Clearly illustrate the purpose and necessity of your learning tool. Evaluate existing methods or techniques in the area and identify potential problems or limitations. Explain why your proposed tool or method will be superior.

  3. Business Case Development: Develop a reasoned business case for the adoption of your learning tool. Highlight the advantages it will bring to the organization and address any potential risks associated with its implementation.

  4. Literature Review: Provide an academic and/or industry-based summary of contemporary literature related to your chosen topic or theme. Ensure the literature review is concentrated around recent publications from the last 10 years.

  5. Evaluation Criteria: Include details on how your learning tool can be evaluated to determine its effectiveness and suitability for addressing the identified organizational need.

  6. Live Exhibition Presentation: Prepare to pilot and present your learning tool at a live exhibition, with further details to be confirmed.

Assessment 2 - Leadership & Development Strategy

Case 1: Leadership Development Issues at NovaTek

You will create a portfolio analyzing and comparing three case studies, including the provided NovaTek case study and two additional cases of your choice (one for-profit and one not-for-profit) researched from literature.

Tasks for Case 1 - NovaTek:

  1. Learning Needs Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive learning needs analysis for NovaTek, focusing on the immediate issues within the sales team and establishing a longer-term management development strategy.

  2. Three-Year Learning and Development Strategy: Develop a detailed three-year learning and development strategy tailored to NovaTek`s needs, incorporating example templates and organizational examples.

  3. Individual Action Plans: Create individual learning needs analysis and action plans for key staff members Charles Turner and Jim Fisher, supported by academic writing and theoretical underpinning.

Additional Research Task:

  • Research and present two successful case studies from literature (or based on your own experience) of multinational organizations with effective leadership and management development programs:
    • One operating for-profit in an international context.
    • One operating not-for-profit in an international context.

Compare and contrast the critical success factors identified in these cases with those relevant to NovaTek.

This revised version provides clear instructions for Assessment 1, emphasizing the creation of an original learning tool through an academic poster presentation. Assessment 2 tasks for the NovaTek case study are detailed, including learning needs analysis, strategy development, and individual action plans, alongside the research task on multinational organization case studies.