Evaluate each alternative solution that identified as per below. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the 5 solutions provided below.

Topic: You are required to complete a case study analysis and write a report to present your group’s result the study.

Task: Evaluate each alternative solution that identified as per below. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the 5 solutions provided below.

Alternative Solutions

3.1 Attract loyalty with value

Caferoma should upgrade customers spending experience and let them feel our service or product is worth of money.Instead of just selling coffee products ,Caferoma can focus on upgrading and franchising more special shops as sales outlets and noble café shops .Customers can buy a coffee product and let the professional barista make a coffee according to their flavour, then enjoy their time in the comfortable environment.Caferoma can create a membership reward and referrer system to grow loyal customer base.

3.2 The sales channel re-allocates

In this case ,Caferoma should re-allocate sales points ,quit from those supermarkets which are high competitive with their own store brand, and seek for higher grade markets which more customers prefer quality products. Besides that, Caferoma can build up own online sales platform, which will giving more potential customers and wider market .last but not least, by selling out more franchise of special shops also can substitute supermarket sales.

3.3 Improve brand recognition

Many similar packaged coffee products are impacting our market share ,because their prices are much cheaper and confuse consumers between our brand and ‘coppycat’. Firstly , we have to make sure Caferoma has been trademarked to prevent any over-copied products .Secondly, high brand exposure on social media and in advertisements can help consumers easily recognise Caferoma.Thirdly,participate in more competitions and get awarded to improve the repute of the company.

3.4 Refresh brand image

A company’s logo makes the very first impression on a consumer. We have to create a new logo that can attract consumers vision .Timely launch new product or flavour that will appeal a younger generation of consumers .By joining more charity events and providing sponsorship for popular activities,we will get a good image for Caferoma .

3.5 strive on upgrade value

The special shop is our core of reformation in our business .customers can experience amzing customer service ,beautiful design and cosy furniture here.With an amazing membership programme can increase customers sense of belonging, such as a very nice membership card to display their unique identity here , a sweet greeting card and small gift for their birthday ,or even a cup of free coffee can also make customers feel valued by Caferoma.