EP4007 Develop At An Exponential Rate, So Too Do Global Emissions And Hence It Is Important: Enterprise Management And Growth.


As the world continues to develop at an exponential rate, so too do global emissions and hence it is important to remain conscious of the energy being used. For many people, the use of a more sustainable means of transport is seen as a simple method to improve their carbon footprint. This change has led to a rapid increase in Electric Vehicle (EV) purchases, however for many people the idea of purchasing an electric car can be daunting, and this is where Affinity EV can help. They provide a link between EV owners and energy companies to enable dealerships to offer an all-inclusive package for prospective EV buyers Click or tap here to enter text.

In doing this, the transition from petrol/diesel vehicles is made simple. Affinity EV was established by CEO Raj Lyons in 2020. They have 8 members of staff as of November 2023. However, this does not limit the amount that they can accomplish as they are on course to make their charging platform available in 5,000 dealerships across Ireland in the next year. With their recent launch in the UK and potential launch in the Middle East this year the company has its work cut out for the next few months.