ENT300: Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurship Report, UiTM, Malaysia On 1st November, My Friend And I Decided To Start A Business That Focuses On Gadget Consulting Services

On 1st November, my friend and I decided to start a business that focuses on gadget consulting services. We came out with Gadget Quest as our company name which is a combination of the word ‘gadget’ and the word ‘quest’ combined.

The reason for us to start our consulting services is that we love gadgets and our friends and family always ask for our advice on which product is the best to buy at a certain price point and where the best deal to buy it. We start our business through Website, Email, and WhatsApp as the majority of our target market is mostly young to middle ages men, and women at this level of society are the most active in using these platforms.

Before we start to promote our services, we first make a discussion on the stages of our services. Our first stage of services is stage 1 or what we call GQ (simple). Customers get lists of the product and advantages and disadvantages of the products mentioned to GQ IV (thorough) that get all the good things including one-to-one consultation via video call or voice call. Once we are satisfied with the outcome, we create a business account with the name of Gadget Quest on the Wix website before we decide to officially release the services to the customers.

On our first launch, we released 4 types of services with a starting price of RM1 to RM5 for the most thorough service. Our main and most popular services are GQ1 and GQ2. As our main marketing platform Website and WhatsApp, we gain and attract followers and customers through WhatsApp where we share links to our website or direct message through WhatsApp to all our contact lists and all WhatsApp groups. Besides that, we also use Instagram and pay a certain amount of money to advertise our company through Instagram Business Ads. As a result, we gained a number of contacts and followers that were interested in our products.