Do college athletes in Ireland have sufficient knowledge about their experiences with ergogenic aids?


This study explores the knowledge, usage habits, and attitudes of college athletes who participate in sports in Ireland about the use of ergogenic aids. There is a gap in the literature addressing other categories such as nutritional, mechanical, physiological, and psychological aids, even though there is an extensive study on pharmacological ergogenic aids. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to fill in this knowledge gap and offer insightful information about how college athletes use ergogenic aids.

College athletes at the University of Galway will be the subject of a cross-sectional survey using a quantitative, descriptive, non-experimental survey-based design. Participants’ knowledge, opinions, experiences, and viewpoints in relation to ergogenic aids will be gathered through the survey. To develop a thorough understanding of the use of ergogenic aids in this population, the study will also examine potential disparities between sports and genders.

“Do college athletes in Ireland have sufficient knowledge about their experiences with ergogenic aids?” is the research question that underlies this study. The study has several goals and objectives that seek to address this subject. The first goal is to identify the ergogenic aids frequently utilized by collegiate athletes and to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. The study also aims to investigate the knowledge and awareness of ergogenic aids among University of Galway student-athletes. Additionally, it seeks to find out what influences athletes’ choices to utilize or refrain from certain ergogenic aids.

To obtain precise and honest results, the study plans to gain 50-100 male and female college athletes while preserving their identity. The study tries to provide a thorough examination of each sub-section by breaking the topic of ergogenic aids into five sub-sections (nutritional, mechanical, physiological, psychological, and pharmacological).

This study’s contribution to the limited research on ergogenic aid usage, particularly among collegiate athletes, makes it significant. This study can educate coaches, trainers, and sports professionals about the requirements and practices of college athletes by illuminating knowledge, usage patterns, and perceptions of these aids. Additionally, it could point out areas that require additional study and address issues with ergogenic aid usage’s long-term effects and safety issues. Finally, by investigating the usage of ergogenic aids among college athletes in Ireland, this study project seeks to close a gap in the literature. The study aims to offer useful insights into the knowledge, usage habits, and views of ergogenic aids within this demographic by using a quantitative survey-based approach. The results of this study may improve knowledge of ergogenic aid usage in college sports and aid in the creation of evidence-based recommendations for its application.

Research Question

“Do college athletes in Ireland have sufficient knowledge on Ergogenic aids and the influences they may have on the individual and their performance.” Ergogenic aids are supplements, equipment, or training methods that improve athletic performance. “Ergogenic aids are mechanical, nutritional, pharmacological, physiological and psychological tools that athletes use to increase energy, performance and recovery.” All athletes use some form of ergogenic aids to improve various aspects of their skill related fitness (Levy et al. 2008). Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use them to enhance their physical performance in various areas, including strength and endurance.

This research study aims to explore the prevalent practices and use of different ergogenic aids among students in the University of Galway who actively participate in sports at the college level. The study aims to highlight what ergogenic aids are commonly utilized in the sporting population in the university. This will help us understand which ergogenic aids are the most beneficial and why.

Population: The target population for the proposed study are male and female sporting college students who attend the University of Galway and are over the age of 18.

Intervention: The exploration of the knowledge, habits, and attitudes towards ergogenic aids among the chosen population.

Control or comparison: Comparison between all genders and throughout different ages or sports.