Discuss whether your chosen organisation should enhance its procurement competence. Use theory and consider the industry in which your organisation operates within your discussion.

Choose a local or international organization with which you are familiar. All of your answers must be based on this organization. You must be able to easily obtain the required background information to enable you to respond to the Tasks. In answering the Tasks, you should assume the role of an experienced consultant hired by the Board.

You must provide a one-page summary of background information on your chosen organization (250 words). This must include:

  • Name of the organization: XYZ Corporation
  • Size of organization: Medium-sized with approximately 500 employees
  • Main markets where it operates: Primarily operates in North America, with expanding interests in Europe and Asia
  • Examples of products and services: Manufactures consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices. Also provides digital services such as online content streaming.
  • Key competitors: Apple, Samsung, Google
  • Main customer segments: Targeted towards tech-savvy consumers in urban and suburban areas, with a focus on high-quality and innovative products.

In addition to the above, you can include any other information which might be useful for the marker to understand the context of your answers. Your organization summary is not included in the overall word count.

Task 1: According to Slack, Chambers, and Johnston (2010: 39), successful day-to-day operations management involves achieving ‘five basic performance objectives`. These objectives are: quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost. Analyze each of these performance objectives, and any trade-offs that exist between them for your chosen organization.

Task 2: Discuss how your chosen organization might benefit from mapping its supply chain.

Task 3: Evaluate whether your chosen organization should enhance its procurement competence. Use theory and consider the industry in which your organization operates within your discussion.

Task 4: According to Ross (2015: 619), "Warehousing is NO longer setting up storage racks, purchasing some material handling equipment, and hiring staff." Discuss the strategic importance of warehousing for your chosen organization.